Why You Should Know the Name Rohena Gera

The reason you should know the name Rohena Gera is pretty simple, she’s an up and coming director, a screenwriter, and a producer. If nothing else that would be enough to say that she’s someone important and bound to become a name that more and more people are going to know before she’s well and done with her career. As she’s only in her 40s at this time she has a lot of career left and a lot of ambition to keep going, so thinking that she’s a one and done kind of person isn’t just silly, it’s nowhere near to accurate since she’s already beginning to stack up a resume that is bound to grow more impressive by the year. An educated woman, she’s worked her way up the ranks and made her debut as a screenwriter in 2003 for Sony Entertainment Television.

She’s also been seen to engage in non-profit campaigns that are set to defend peace and equality, and she’s produced public service adverts to further this cause. That’s another big mark in her favor since while a lot of people seem to be willing to say that they want to do something special in their lives or are contributing to such causes in some way, Rohena is right there using her talents to inform the people and make them understand the importance of such ideals. Whether she’ll get through to as many people need to hear these kind of things is hard to say for certain but the attempt and the belief is sometimes enough to make one person think twice about the rampant hatred that seems to spread across the world so easily. If only a few people come to believe in such a message and then spread this to a few more people then her work will have been worth it without any doubt.

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian and a few others have had rather positive things to say about her career thus far and have taken to calling her a talented woman that tells a good story. There are bound to be criticisms about what she does but so far most of what seems to have been said is quite complimentary. As far as anything else about her it’s kind of slim pickings at this time since there’s not a lot about her on the internet and it would seem as though she just showed up a little bit ago, but obviously she’s been around for a while. With some folks this almost seems to be a trend these days that there’s little about them on the internet save for the things they’ve done and the projects that have drawn attention to them. In some ways this is kind of interesting all on its own since it suggests that their passions lie more in the work they do instead of being seen as rock stars for their contributions to the industry. To be honest that’s kind of inspiring in a way since it gives the impression that they’re less interested in the fame and more dedicated to their work.

Even her Instagram account, the one thing that many upon many people in the industry tend to have in common, is sparse when it comes to followers and even photos. It’s almost as though she might post something every now and again when she feels like it or has the idea that it might help out with a project she’s pushing. To some writers this might be kind of irritating since it means that there’s very little to use for material when describing her other than the obvious bits that have already been repeated a dozen times. But to others, like myself, it piques our interest largely because like so many others we tend to want content instead of quality at certain times. But in this case her mystique and her ability to focus intently on what she’s doing instead of the hype that’s been granted to her name is actually kind of nice. In some ways it means that she’s a kindred spirit to those that try and try only to realize that the work they do is far more important than the fame they might have sought as a result.

So many people might laugh at that idea, that fame is merely a byproduct of the work and doesn’t need to be focused upon, but whether or not she does enjoy the notoriety doesn’t really matter. It’s the fact that she’s a part of the industry and doesn’t seem to go for the glam all the time. Hers is an important name at this time for what she’s done and it’s bound to stay that way for a while, but quite honestly the hope is that she remains somewhat unknown apart from what she’s contributed, as it seems to be the only way to get a bit of peace in the industry.

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