10 Things You Didn’t Know about Yuriy Sardarov

Yuriy Sardarov

For decades now, acting has been a lucrative career that has amassed a lot of wealth for numerous stars globally. The United States has the world’s most booming filming industry, and this is prompting most people to follow a career that leads to the profitable sector. Yuriy Sardarov is one of the people that ventured not only into acting but also into screenplay writing. The Georgian native has had a thriving career and has starred in more than eight shows since the debut of his acting career in 2012.

1. His personal life

Yuriy Sardarov is an American actor and producer who was born on January 28th, 1988 in Azerbaijan to a Russian speaking family. He is the son of an Armenian father and a Georgian mother. They relocated to the U.S when Yuriy was two years old and settled in Georgia as refugees. The actor has a fourteen-year-old younger brother, Nick Sardarov. He attended Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook Illinois and attained his high school qualification in 2006. Yuriy proceeded to join the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance.

2. He started acting in high school

Many teenagers are often unsure of their future professional paths. Yuriy was also uncertain of the route his career would follow until he began taking acting serious in his senior years. He was in the school’s screenplays which were written by Mike Trajan, the current deputy principal of Glenbrook North High School. It is during this time that Yuriy focused on developing his amateur acting skills and perfected on the art before going to college to study BFA. According to Patch, Yuriy recently admitted that his high school prepared him adequately to be the professional actor he is today.

3. He starred in “Chicago Fire.”

“Chicago Fire” is an NBC program that portrays rescue squads, firefighters and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51 working together to save and protect the citizens of Chicago. Yuriy Sardadov acts as Brian Otis Zvonecek, who yearns for top positions in the firehouse but always feels under-appreciated. Otis also serves as a bartender at Molly’s, a local Chicago club. Yuriy has been acting in the show since it premiered on May 10th, 2012 until recently when his onscreen character died in a blast. According to Pop Culture, Yuriy said that filming his last episode was difficult due to his attachment with the cast. He, however, feels that this is the perfect time for him to explore new projects.

4. His hobbies

Yuriy is not your typical actor who only goes to the gym to keep fit; the star is active in various co-curricular activities and has different hobbies. The actor reportedly learned to play basketball while he was in high school and still plays when he is not caught up in his acting duties. Yuriy also loves cooking and has openly talked about his favorite cooking tips on several interviews. It is no wonder that he is an active participant of the Chicago Fire Department Annual Chilli Cook-off. In 2014, Yuriy was the judge at the Chilli Cook-off event along with fellow Chicago Fire co-stars David Eigenberg and Joe Minoso.

5. His social media life

In this modern world of technology, celebrities are always bound to being on different social media platforms where their fans can interact with them. Yuriy is thus an active internet user with 198,000 followers on Instagram alone and gets an average of 15,000 likes in every picture that he posts. The actor whose Instagram handle is @yursar mostly shares photos of himself having fun with friends, and motivational messages. He is also active on Twitter where he goes by the name @Yuriy Sardadov and has 82,000 followers.

6. He participates in charity events

Celebrities often engage in charitable activities to help give back to the community. For instance, Leonardo DiCaprio has a non-profit organization that works to conserve our planet and protect various species that face the threat of extinction. Similarly, Yuriy is an active stakeholder of Glenbrook High School Foundation. The event which happens annually is known as “A Night of Glenbrook Theatre” and aims to raise funds to facilitate various students programs in the school. On May 26th, 2015, he was invited as the special guest speaker and got the chance to address people. The Daily North Shore reported that Yuriy disclosed to them his plan of going back to his high school to do charity work for the kids there.

7. His other notable works

Yuriy’s career is spanning a decade, and he has featured in some of the best movies in the past eight years. The actor played Mike in Columbia Picture’s political film, “The Ides of March” in 2011. The film received positive reviews from critics and was selected by the Nation Board of Reviews as one 2011’s best picture. He also plays minor roles in “Argo” and “S.W.AT: Firefight” between 2011 and 2012. The two films grossed $232 million and $202 million respectively in U.S box office sales.

8. His personality sign

Zodiac signs carry different specific traits which define people’s strength and flaws. Yuriy’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. People placed under this sign are born between January 20th to February 18th, and they are known to be focused on achieving higher goals. Aquarius’ are known to be a bit quirky and very cautious of who they love. Perhaps this explains Yuriy’s yearn to move on from “Chicago Fire” and do something better. With overly cautious romantic lives of those who fall under Aquarius, it is no surprise that Yuriy has not been spotted with a girlfriend.

9. His Popularity

According to Famous Birthdays, Yuriy is position 42,375 in the United States popularity charts. The fact that he has starred alongside other renowned actors such as Robert Patrick and Giancarlo Esposito could have influenced the popularity rating.

10. His Net worth

The actor who started from humble beginnings has worked effortlessly and amassed a considerable amount of wealth in his career. He has a net worth of $1 million mainly earned through his professional acting career and a variety of investment projects.

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