Udemy – After Effects CC: The Complete Motion Graphics Course 2018-2

Udemy - After Effects CC: The Complete Motion Graphics Course 2018-2

After Effects CC: The Complete Motion Graphics Course Tutorial design and create motion graphics with After Effects CC clips from Udemy is. This course includes the best techniques for making graphics graphics clips that can turn you into a professional artistic graphics artist. Learning beyond effects does not guarantee you learn the graphics skills. After learning the effect again, you should look for courses that teach you the techniques and stages of the graphic design. The creator of the film in this era has gathered experience and techniques of graphics and effects.

So in this tutorial, you can learn all the tips and tricks related to animation, especially graphics techniques.

The Complete Motion Graphics Course:

  • Imports and animates Illustrator elements
  • Create graphic projects with later effects tools
  • Create Full Movie Graphics in After Effects
  • Understand and apply the most useful visual effects for graphics
  • Learn all the techniques of animation and graphics
  • Use all the features and techniques of AFTER Effect Graphics
  • Learn the techniques of graphics and visual effects AFTER effects

Course profile:

  • Duration: 11.5 hours
  • English language
  • Article Count: 19
  • Movie format: MP4 1280 × 720
  • Sound: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
  • Teacher: Louay Zambarakji

Course categories:

Dive in and Discover After Effects
5 Lectures 20:29

Jump Start Into Motion Graphics
10 Lectures 32:02

Graphics from within After Effects
9 Lectures 34:40

The Phone Animation – Your First Complete Motion Graphics Project
14 Lectures 01:25:18

The Walking Man Animation – A Simple Approach to Create a Walking Character
7 Lectures 44:58

The Angry Birds Animation – A Closer Look at Time and Space
16 Lectures 01:14:46

PoPs – A Practical Approach to Learning Motion Graphics and Building Your Assets
14 Lectures 01:31:54

Titles Animation Techniques
20 Lectures 01:56:37

Parenting Space Ships
8 Lectures 23:19

Animating Robots – Rigging Concepts and Applications
11 Lectures 44:05

Animating with Bezier – Special Morphing
8 Lectures 41:06

Using Vector Graphics from Illustrator (AI)
5 Lectures 27:02

The Banana Animation and the 4-Phase Walk
11 Lectures 40:13

It is sad to leave you here
2 Lectures 01:54


  • Being determined to learn Motion Graphics using After Effects
  • Be ready to create all the projects in the practice activities
  • No Prior Knowledge of After Effects is required
  • No Experience in Motion Graphics using After Effects is required
  • After Effects Creative Cloud (CC) – Preferably 2017 (ver 14) or later versions


The Complete Motion Graphics Course

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