Tom Cruise Doesn’t Want Anyone To Run With Him On Screen

This makes Tom Cruise sound a bit like a male diva, doesn’t it? A lot of actors have weird demands on the set, but one of Tom Cruise’s is that he doesn’t want people running alongside him. A lot of people tend to think that it’s because he doesn’t want competition in his movies, which is enough to make a person snicker but is something that sounds fairly reasonable. To date one actress has done it at least and it was pretty convincing since she didn’t overtake him but she also didn’t fall behind since she kept up with him pretty easily. Annabelle Wallis managed to pace Cruise in the ill-fated movie, The Mummy, even though Cruise apparently told her no to start with. Earning the right to run beside him wasn’t easy but Wallis managed to do it since obviously the scene in the movie of the pair running from the museum is a good indication that she managed to get her way. One has to think about this though, what might that scene have looked like had Cruise still said no? Would Wallis have been running through another part of the building and then had to catch up with him? That would have been kind of awkward, to say the least.

Cruise definitely does things his own way when he’s on set, as he’s fired up and ready to go most of the time, he does a lot of his own stunts, if not all of them, and according to Thandie Newton he’s kind of hard to work with thanks to that intensity. But Annabelle Wallis apparently felt that this wasn’t the case since she sat back and let Cruise do his thing, apart from the running scenes of course since she wanted to get in there and make her own part stand out, which is understandable. One has to wonder what it would be like to work with Cruise though since accounts appear to vary since some people tend to think that he’s a great and skilled actor that’s really intense but a lot of fun, while others tend to think something else. It likely depends on the situation, the movie, and the individual since like it or not, like HIM or not, Cruise is one of the more popular actors in the business and a lot of people would likely give a lot to be in the same movie and to be in the same scene as him more than once.

The idea of not being able to run alongside him in the movies though is something that feels as though it’s more competition-based, as in he doesn’t want anyone outpacing him, since anyone in decent shape has a longer stride could probably leave him behind in a big hurry. Anyone that stands over six feet and has a long stride likely knows how easy it is to gain several steps on anyone under six feet in height since their legs tend to work quicker and yet still don’t cover the same distance unless they’re working that much quicker. Plus, with Cruise’s ego, which has been on display more than once when making a movie, it’s very likely that if such a thing did happen then he would probably go back again and again in an attempt to make sure that he was seen as the dominant figure in the scene, or at was at least seen to be on an equal footing than someone that could outpace him. It still sounds petty when trying to justify it since the team effort needed to make a movie doesn’t appear to come into focus when someone has to be front and present at all times and won’t allow anyone else to share the spotlight in certain ways. Cruise obviously has his own reasoning, but it still makes him sound just a little more difficult to work with since it gives the impression that if he’s not getting his way then, as the producer of several of his movies, he’s going to demand that things be changed to favor his vision.

There’s no doubt that Cruise is in good shape since despite his age he’s still able to go out and do what he wants on a movie set and make it work. But stuff like this makes it obvious that as much as he might sound like a nice guy, he’s extremely particular onset and isn’t the simplest person in the world to work with. With the many different accounts out there of people stating that he has to have things a certain way to make it work it’s kind of obvious that this is the case. It doesn’t make him a bad person necessarily, but it definitely gets people thinking that he might be kind of a difficult personality to work around.

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