10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ess Hodlmoser

Ess Hodlmoser is one of those people you just don’t know enough about. You know how they are because they work so hard in Hollywood and in the roles they play. They play the role of Cindy in “The Boys,” as well as Pennywise in “It,” among many other roles. However, this is a person the world simply doesn’t know that much about. Let’s change that. This person is so good at what they do, and their talent is something we think more people need to recognize and appreciate. Not many people can do what Ess is doing, and it’s time to get to know them better.

1. They are A Stunt Coordinator

In addition to playing the role of Cindy on this hit show, this is a person who is also the season 2 stunt coordinator. Clearly, Ess Hodlmoser is someone who is not only talented in front of the screen in the acting game, but also in a way that allows them to be good at stunts and other more intricate parts of the acting business. Most actors and actresses are not doing their own stunts, let alone coordinating them.

2. They are Non-Binary

This means that Ess does not identify with one particular gender or role in life. They are just that; they. They don’t feel like a he or a she, and they live their life feeling how they want to feel on any given day without thinking too much about it or putting any labels on it. It’s just a feeling, and it’s very personal to them. They go by they or them.

3. They are a Wonderful Contortionist

Being able to move your body in a way that is not normal to most people is a gift. Not everyone can do it, and it’s not easy to learn. However, they have mastered the art of contortion, and they are proud of that. They use this to show off what is a fine line between beauty and grotesque ways of life, and it is nothing short of completely fascinating.

4. They are an Artist and an Athlete

Being an actor and a contortionist means that you are both an artist and an athlete. Everything athletic goes into this work. There is very little that can be done with the work that goes into contortionism without being an athlete. This is something that requires dedication and hard work, and this is something that not just anyone can do.

5. They Work with the Circus

It’s not something that is a big deal when you are thinking about it is a huge deal. It’s something that not just anyone can do, and it’s not something that anyone can even dream of. Maybe as a child, you dream of it but you can’t do it if you don’t have the talent.

6. Their Name is Austrian

With a name like Ess Hodlmoser, you might assume that they have a strong accent coming from a country far away from America, but the truth is that there is nothing even remotely about their accent that suggests they are from anywhere but your neighborhood. It’s so cool to hear them speak when you have an assumption about them from the start.

7. They are Well-Traveled

They have performed all over the world, trained all over the world, and they have done all kinds of things in the most amazing places. They have trained in Mongolian, and they have been in festivals and shows and other things all over the world. There is something so cool about that.

8. They Have an Educational Company

This is something that they do that is so cool. They go into the art of flexibility. They do talks and educational series and many other things that make it so cool to learn about what they do. It’s not easy to do the things that Ess does with their body, and there is something that we might all want to learn about in this educational outreach.

9. They Grew Up Feeling Extreme Interests

Ess was a kid who liked to do things that are different, but not different. They were the kind of kid who liked to wear super frilly dresses and socks and cool, but they were made by their mother with dinosaur prints and things like that. Ess has always been interested in things that they consider weird, but not weird. We get that.

10. They Believe Most of Their Family is on the Spectrum

Ess stated in a podcast interview that they believe most of their family is on the Autism spectrum but didn’t go into any detail other than the fact that all of their siblings, mother, father, grandparents, etc. are exceptionally intelligent and good at what they do, and they are just so smart. We love that.

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