10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katrina Milosevic

Katrina Milosevic is one of those women who is just so good at what she does you never forget a role. She’s exceptionally famous for her role on “Wentworth,” but she’s been around so many years that this is not the first or the last role she’ll play. From film to television, there is very little she cannot do – not that she’s shown us anything she cannot do at this point. She’s a woman worth knowing, and we thought we’d make sure you get to know her well. She’s so talented and so good, and we know you’ll love her.

1. She’s From Australia

She was born and raised in a little place in Queensland, Australia. It’s called Mount Isa. She was born on April 25, 1976. We don’t know much about her family other than the fact that they are Australian and she spent her entire childhood living down under.

2. She’s Well Trained

She has not only a stellar education, but she’s also wonderfully trained. She attended the National Institute of Dramatic Art. She graduated when she was only 21, and she has a degree in Performing Arts. It’s a talent she’s always had, clearly, and it’s one that she has been using since the start. We also assume this means she’s been actively pursuing a career in the arts for a long time.

3. She’s Funny

Her fans love her because she’s got a killer sense of humor. She’s the kind of woman everyone loves to listen to. She’s hilarious, and she’s someone who always comes across as the kind of person you just want to be good friends with. Her fanbase is large, and we know why.

4. She Loves Her Fans

There isn’t a time when she’s not happy to have her fans. She’s so thrilled to have her fans in her life, and she knows that they are the ones who allow her to get to do what she wants to do in life. She’s so excited about them.

5. She Just Came to the States for the First Time

In 2019, she came to the United States for the first time. She went to a question and answer segment that was recorded in New Jersey, and she said that the entire thing was so exciting. She really felt like she’s seen so much of it on television, and she feels like everything is so cool.

6. She’s A Girlie Girl

So she says. You wouldn’t know it from the character she plays on “Wentworth,” who goes by the name Sue “Boomer” Jenkins. She’s every bit the feminine lady, however, and she loves all things girly and feminine. She is someone who really does enjoy that, but she’s also a little shocked when people want to treat her the way that they think Boomer would behave.

7. She Was a Model

Before she took on her role as one of the most famous actresses in the country in which she was raised, she was a model. She had a long contract with a skincare line called Ella Bache. She was so excited about this job because of the many things that they stand for, and she took a lot of pride in that work when she was there with them.

8. She Has Trouble With Her Character Sometimes

She’s so different from her character that she has some trouble when it comes to taking on this role sometimes. She really does enjoy letting it all hang out and just being that kind of woman when she’s filming, but she finds that it’s so different from who she is that she struggles. Sometimes she finds herself being a little more aggressive and a little more outspoken like her character in real life, but she has to reign that in and really keep her true self in her everyday life.

9. She Was In An Accident

When she and a friend were driving one day, they were hit by another car that fled the scene. While she was on the phone calling for help, she noticed that the car that hit her own car then hit other cars and caused an even bigger accident. She saw that the driver was trying to get away, and she made it her priority to get that person to stop the car and take responsibility for the accident before someone else was hurt.

10. Her Job Takes a Toll

She’s so good at what she does because she taps into her emotional needs and memories and experiences, and she’s not always sure she can come back from those. Some things are hard for her and some are easy. She loves what she does, but she’s not always sure that she will leave a role as quite the same person she was when she came into it. We think that might be what makes her stand out from the rest.

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