Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer: Here’s Some Stuff You Might Have Missed

The latest Spider-Man Homecoming trailer received rave reviews from fans.  Isn’t it funny that people are ranking and reviewing trailers?  You know what would be a great project?  To get a year’s worth of data on movies and see how many people thought the trailer of X movie was better than X movie itself.  Then we could say something like, “In 2017, on average 57% of people said they liked the trailers for the movies they saw, better than the movies themselves.”   Don’t you think that would be a useful stat?  I do.  Anyway, back to Spidey.

While the reception has been positive about the new trailer, if you watch it a few times there are lots of things you may have missed and there are even some Easter eggs in there.   I mean how much can you really get out of 2 minutes?  Actually you can get a ton if you watched it a zillion times over and over.  Luckily that’s what some brave souls already did for us.

Find out some cool stuff about Tony Stark, some interesting Easter Eggs, and a solid list of 10 things you may have missed from the Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

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