Five Things You Didn’t Know about Harry Dreyfuss

And the accusations just keep rolling in. This time it’s back to Kevin Spacey as actor and son of film star Richard Dreyfuss, Harry Dreyfuss, is now claiming that Spacey groped him when he was 18 and was reading for a script with his father and Spacey. While his father did not see the act Harry claims that Spacey put his hand on his thigh and then proceeded to move it upward until he was holding his privates. It’s a disturbing image to be certain but Harry claims he didn’t know how to react since he admired Spacey but wasn’t attracted to him in that way. Perhaps the only thing that falls flat in this story is the fact that Harry has revealed that he told this story at parties as a joke.

That’s not something that seems like it’s all that funny.

5. He claims that Kevin Spacey groped him when he was 18.

I’m starting to understand people a little better when they state how hard it is to confront their attacker then and there. At that moment their world has been upended and they have no idea how to react, so striking back against someone with such influence seems like a terrifying prospect and could possibly force them to keep their mouth shut for fear of being called a liar.

4. He is a very protective father.

This seems like it would be a byproduct of being abused since he would want to protect his own child from anyone that would harm them in a similar manner. One could say this of any father but with a man that has been supposedly harassed or abused in the past there is a much higher expectation that comes with wanting to keep one’s child safe and sound.

3. He’s a frequent Instagram user.

This seems to be a thing that anyone with a phone finds themselves doing these days. In fact if there’s anyone other than myself that’s NOT on Instagram it’s more likely because we use our phones for other purposes. You know, like actually calling people. At any rate this seems to be a way for Harry to use social media as an outlet to show what he’s feeling and how the act still bothers him.

2. He has his father’s support in his claim.

Richard claims to be proud of his son for stepping forth like this and that’s great. The support of a parent is absolutely important for a moment such as this when a person really needs someone to have their back. It could possibly have huge ramifications if Spacey was ever considered a friend to the family, but then again family must come first.

1. He didn’t come out until he saw another person speaking up. 

This seems to be thing now,that someone must step up and go first in calling out their attackers or those that harassed them before anyone else will. It takes someone with a lot of courage or someone that’s simply fed up with the way things are to begin the change.

Being a devil’s advocate, it just seems strange that he would bring this up at parties as a joke. But if Spacey is guilty then so be it.

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