Tom Hardy Makes Good on Leonardo DiCaprio Tattoo Bet

Apparently Tom Hardy finally made good on a bet he made with Revenant costar Leonardo DiCaprio. The bet was that if Leo did manage to get an Oscar for the film then Hardy would get a tattoo saying ‘Leo knows everything’. It would seem from the picture below that Hardy finally made good on that bet since he’s sporting a tattoo on his arm that read ‘Leo knows all’. You should recall that Leo has been nominated for the Oscar several times but The Revenant was the only time he actually won. It was followed by a big sigh of relief from a lot of fans and no doubt a big celebration by the man himself. As for Hardy it was a bet that he’d have to honor eventually, which he did thankfully.

Making such a bet isn’t such a horrid thing, it’s making sure that whatever the bet is that you won’t live to ultimately regret it later on. This is perhaps one of the more tame bets I’ve ever heard of since it’s not such a bad tattoo unless Leo was going to grind that point in every single time he comes around Tom Hardy. That would wait to be seen of course but I get the feeling that just seeing the tattoo would make him feel like he accomplished a little something more than winning the Oscar. Hardy obviously had no problem with it since it’s on his skin where it will stay for the rest of his life unless he opts for laser surgery. I don’t get the feeling that this will ever be in his future though.

Tom Hardy seems like such a cool guy that I’d imagine this idea kind of appealed to him just as a fun thing to do. Obviously he probably wouldn’t have gone in for it if the tattoo had been something that he would find offensive or even off-putting. But he really does seem so mellow that it was likely a very simple thing to agree to. Plus there’s always the chance that he thought that Leo would be nominated again but not win. That would have been rough for Leo but it would have meant no new tattoo for Hardy, especially not one affirming that Leo does know all. Honestly, apart from a fan that would gladly do it I’m not sure of anyone else who would even think of doing this unless they knew the man and had no issue with him.

You kind of have to wonder if either man had any inkling whether Leo would win or not. The ease with which Hardy got the tattoo says that he might have at least guessed that Leo would come out with a win, if only because he was due. Leo on the other hand had to be making the bet with a hope and a prayer that this time the nomination wouldn’t be the only time his name was called. At least it was a friendly bet and easy to honor.

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