Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lynne Ramsay

Some folks like Lynne Ramsay are only known to those that really pay attention to every last person that has anything to do with a film, or at least the directors and those that are considered at the top echelon of what it takes to make a movie. Ramsay is considered to be one of the best among her peers and the actors she works with since she has her own well-defined style and manages to come across in a way that conveys just what she wants to see in a movie.

The no-nonsense attitude that she approaches a movie with helps immensely as well.

5. She has the belief that films are different for those that direct and write their material as opposed to those that just direct.

There is in fact a big difference since writers/directors know the material they’re looking at from every possible angle since they’ve likely spent years or at least months developing it and making sure that it’s ready for the screen. Those directors that simply go by the script they’re given might be able to peruse the movie in its entirety but still won’t have as deep of an emotional connection to the piece as others will.

4. It was frustrating for her to lose control of the movie The Lovely Bones.

There was simply too much going on at the moment and frustration led towards her being taken off the project and having it handed over to Peter Jackson. Unfortunately Jackson’s interpretation left a bit to be desired and the movie wasn’t that well-received. She did manage to say that she believes that Jackson had a point to make but followed the source material too closely and therefore ended ruining the movie.

3. Many people agree she’s a very gifted director.

From her peers to the actors she works with Lynne has managed to gain a very healthy regard since she has managed to do whatever it takes to put out a quality movie that makes people think and doesn’t really pander to the audience. She definitely likes to tell a story and make things interesting but she also likes to get her own point of view in there as well when creating something.

2. While she doesn’t have a lot of film credits to her resume she’s still considered one of the best.

If you look at her filmography she doesn’t have a lot of films to her name for the span of time in which she’s been working. That could however allude to the fact that she is careful about the projects she takes on and goes for quality over quantity. It could be that she’s very picky about her projects and wants those that she thinks her ideals match up with or it could be that she simply likes to take her time and get everything as right as it can be.

1. She has an honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh.

This was given thanks to the contributions she’s made in British film, something that seems highly prized and in some cases well-deserved. To have an honorary doctorate’s seems like a tremendous way of saying thank you to someone that’s done something extraordinary.

Well, honestly, that’s pretty much what it is.

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