Udemy – Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide 2019-3

Udemy - Angular & NodeJS - The MEAN Stack Guide 2019-3

Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide The Angular 2 / Angular 5 connectivity video is using NodeJS to build a realistic application that is published by Udemy. Angular 1 and NodeJS, along with the ExpressJS and MongoDB, form a popular stack. Angular offers you speed, ease of development, highly reactive, excellent support for asynchronous operation, excellent scalability, and so on.

Angular & NodeJS Volume Characteristics – The MEAN Stack Guide:

  • Connect any Angular to NodeJS
  • Build real Angular and NodeJS applications
  • Use the ExpressJS and NodeJS frameworks
  • Improve each Angular application by adding an error check
  • Understand how to work with Angular and how it relates to the Backend
  • Use MongoDB and Mongoose to interact with data in the backend
  • Provides an awesome user experience using optimistic updates in appearance

Angular & NodeJS Course Specs – The MEAN Stack Guide:

  • Duration: 12:39:03
  • English language
  • Number of lessons: 148 lessons
  • Teacher: Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Course categories:

Course content 
148 lectures 12:39:03

Getting Started 
11 lectures at 39:31

The Angular Frontend – Understanding the Basics 
19 lectures 01:53:52

Adding NodeJS to our Project 
12 lectures 01:03:29

Working with MongoDB 
17 lectures 01:05:24

Enhancing the App 
11 lectures 01:04:23

Adding Image Uploads to our App 
15 lectures 01:29:10

Adding Pagination 
7 lectures 32:54

Adding User Authentication 
20 lectures 02:09:02

7 lectures 32:36

Handling Errors 
8 lectures 39:57

12 lectures 48:22

Deploying our App 7 lectures at 38:10

Course Roundup 
2 lectures 02:31


  • Concepts behind NodeJS, Express and MongoDB (with Mongoose) will be refreshed in this course but as this course focuses on the connection of these technologies with Angular, it is strongly recommended to have basic knowledge about them.
  • It is recommended to have beginner-level Angular knowledge, although this course will provide a detailed refresher and will explain the core concepts used in detail
  • HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript knowledge is assumed throughout this course
  • NO advanced or expert knowledge of any of these topics is assumed or required


Angular & NodeJS - The MEAN Stack Guide

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The correct training date is 2019/3. The image and information are about 2019/5.

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