Udemy – Complete Game Character Workflow 01 Character Modeling 2019-4

Udemy - Complete Game Character Workflow 01 Character Modeling 2019-4

Complete Game Character Modeling is a collection of video tutorials for graphic design and 3D animation modeling. In fact, what you will learn in this video course is the design and construction of 3D graphic characters for computer games. In fact, you will be trained in every skill and technique you need to build a variety of characters with the help of zbrush, marie, maya and substance. By watching this video, you will be able to face up to the challenge of designing the character of the game.

You will be well acquainted by the students by watching all the sessions and learning the teachings provided with the actual human body anatomy. So at the end of this visualization period, you will be able to design realistic characters. On the other hand, this training course is for those who have been designed and published at elementary levels without any prior knowledge and knowledgeable individuals. All the content will be available step by step to the advanced level.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Become a gaming computer character designer
  • Understand the human body’s anatomy and its highly accurate simulation
  • Understand and learn the human topology topic and use it in design
  • Become an expert on working with ZBrush tools
  • A full and practical familiarity with the tools available in Maya
  • And…

Course profile:

  • English language
  • Duration: 41 hours and 10 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 215
  • Training level: advanced to advanced
  • Teacher: Ambience Lee
  • File Format: mp4

Course Complete Game Character Modeling

Course content 
215 lectures 41:10:07

2 lectures 15:29

Body Sculpting 
21 lectures 03:58:50

Retopology 20 lectures 03:57:28

Hair Creation 
7 lectures 01:06:57

Garment Creation with Marvelous Designer 
19 lectures 03:14:49

11 lectures 01:50:00

Create Boots 
13 lectures 01:54:45

Extra Modeling and Detailing 
11 lectures 01:56:20

Waist Pack and Utilites 
21 lectures 04:19:07

Extra Zbrush Detailing techniques 
16 lectures 02:57:42

Skin Detailing Techniques with Mari and ZBrush 
10 lectures 01:59:24

Garment Retopology
Retopology 42 lectures 09:36:00

Baking High-res detail to low-res 
5 lectures 59:42

Make Hair Cards 
12 lectures 01:59:11

Model eyeball and final touches 
5 lectures 01:04:23

Prerequisite course

Complete Game Character Modeling Requirements

  • This Course is Designed for Beginners and Intermediate Artists and It covers many high-end techniques.
  • Basic Understanding of Maya and ZBrush is preferred.


Complete Game Character Modeling

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