10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katie Maloney

At this point it kind of seems like saying anything about people that don’t have a lot of information about them on the internet is bound to end in stating that they’re trending and that’s all there is to it at the moment. There’s nothing overly negative to say about this woman thankfully but at the same time it’s hard to see what she’s done at this point to really garner that much attention. She’s been a part of reality TV and, if you can find any of her performances, an actress since 2008. What makes it seem tough to talk about her is the fact that there really isn’t a whole lot on her that doesn’t have to do with Vanderpump Rules or internet searches that really don’t go anywhere. Why she might be trending has more to do with social media than anything at this point, since it doesn’t seem that there’s really a lot else going on with her.

Here are a few things about Katie you might not have known.

10. Social media does seem to love her.

This isn’t too surprising since social media has given those that might not be known otherwise a platform to say and do pretty much anything that could interest those that they can convince they’re worth following. It might seem cynical, but apart from the fact that she does have a blog there doesn’t seem to be a lot to her fame at this point.

9. She’s a main character on Vanderpump Rules.

Katie is a server at the restaurant and this is a big part, the biggest part it seems, of her fame. It’s hard to really say this without grimacing since she is someone that seems to have become famous just out of sheer luck and not much else.

8. Katie has her own wellness blog.

Pretty much anyone with an idea can have a blog and a lot of people do in fact have a lot to say. Katie has her own voice and that’s great, it’s one of the few things that she’s managed to offer fans that has as much value as people put in it. The only problem with blogs is that with the sheer number of them out there, trying to determine how people get popular in this manner is kind of hard to figure.

7. Her net worth is around $30,000.

If you thought her net worth was going to be astronomical you might have to rub your eyes to realize that this is perhaps one of the lowest net worth’s I’ve put in an article like this, ever. She’s worth about as much as a good part of the US population, which seems like vindication when saying she’s not all that famous, but is also enough to say that she might be able to push those numbers up eventually.

6. Katie is in her early 30s.

To say that a person in their 30s might be running out of time to really do something important is kind of dismissive since those of us in this age group do have a lot of years ahead of us. Just because we didn’t luck out and get famous as kids or become rich in our 20s doesn’t mean much.

5. There’s not a lot about her on the internet.

You can find her bio and a few other tidbits on her when it comes to personal information. But in terms of finding any real in-depth information and trivia there’s just not a whole lot that can be said about this woman.

4. She’s been in other projects.

If you can find them you might see that she’s technically been an actress for a while. The trick however is finding those projects and seeing if you can purchase them or find a place to view them for free. Other than that, Vanderpump Rules is really where you’re going to see the most of her.

3. Katie is originally from Utah.

One has to wonder if she’s one of the many that wasn’t happy where she was and decided to move to California to make her fame. So far it seems like she’s had partial success, but in terms of ‘making it big’ it would seem that she’s kind of missed the mark, at least for now.

2. Her wedding dress cost roughly half of her net worth.

Yes, her wedding dress was about $15 thousand dollars, which for a lot of people is hard to fathom since it’s absolutely ridiculous to think of holding a wedding that will cost this much. But hey, her husband’s net worth is slightly more than her own and, to each their own.

1. She’s published a couple of books.

So honestly she’s done a little something with her life and has a few things to show for it. It’d be nice to know however that she wrote the book and didn’t just slap her name on the cover.

Yes, ghostwriting is a thing.

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