Whatever Happened to Marc Price AKA “Skippy” from Family Ties?

There are times when it might seem unkind and even uncaring to say that someone we enjoyed back in the day is washed up and hasn’t done anything significant since his one big role on a TV show back in the day, but, well, Marc Price is one of those guys. To be fair he’s been trying to stay relevant for a while and he’s managed to get out and do his own thing, but when you show up on a site titled Washed Up Celebrities you’ve got to assume that things didn’t turn out all that well. Without being too mean it does seem as though he’s been doing what he can to stay on the scene, but so far nothing has really stuck.

Family Ties was actually his one big break in his life to be honest, and while he’s been someone that’s been behind the scenes since his days on the show, you can’t really say that he’s been as prominent as he would like to be, but he hasn’t been a ghost. No, a ghost usually gets noticed a bit more. Yes that was kind of mean and cynical but it’s about as funny as his comedy has been since he has gotten up on stage throughout the years for improv and stand-up and he’s, well, he hasn’t really done much with it. In short playing Skippy really did kind of derail his career moving forward since that’s all anyone has seen him as and in this day and age a lot of people might see him walking down the street and not think a single thing about it since quite honestly, how many of us remember stars that we haven’t seen in so many years? Had Marc done anything else worthy of note since then it would be easy to pick him out of a crowd, but Skippy was a sidekick on Family Ties, a guy that hung around to date the most popular character’s sister but never had a chance with her since she wanted someone that wasn’t the geeky kid that wouldn’t leave her alone.

There are plenty of people out there simply looking to beat up on Marc for his ability to go nowhere and do nothing with his life but in all honesty he is a family man with two kids and you can say that he has tried throughout his career. It’s simply that nothing that great ever came along that seemed capable of elevating him past the role he took when he was younger. The unfortunate part about being the sidekick in a TV show is that far too often you never find your way out and as a rule you kind of play second fiddle for the rest of your life. If you take a look at a lot of second-stringers, sidekicks, and best buddies in TV shows you’ll find the same thing has happened many, many times. It’s not an ironclad guarantee, but if a person plays the role of someone that’s basically there for comedic relief or is just there to take up space they might never get their feet off the ground in terms of a career.

Yes, there are exceptions, but Marc isn’t one of them since he’s had to scrape and scratch to keep whatever standing he has, and it would seem that the Family Ties jokes have only held up for so long. After all one can only do the same routine for so many times before it finally gets too old and people no longer respond. But Marc has done plenty of work behind the scenes as well and has written, co-hosted, and produced during his career so it’s safe to say that while he’s not always on the stage he’s usually doing something to keep himself busy. When you think back to his days as Skippy you kind of wonder just why he never went as far as any of the other stars on the show. Then you get to thinking and Michael Gross and Michael J. Fox were the only two that really ever went anywhere while the others kind of popped up now and again and were gone just as quickly. In fact the last time I can recall seeing Tina Yothers was in Celebrity Wife Swap, and Meredith Baxter and Justine Bateman kind of fell off the map after a while. Of course Michael Gross went on to be a big part of the ongoing Tremors series, and Michael J. Fox went on to be extremely famous until Parkinson’s laid him up just enough that he had to almost quit acting altogether.

Skippy, Marc, was just one of those guys that seems to have been ready to take on the responsibility of fame, but was never picked for the role.

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